Carol DeBolt Eikenbery AWS, NWS

Watercolors, Oils, Acrylics




Painting in a non-objective mode or judging an abstract painting is essentially the same as for a representational one. The same elements of design are applied...unity and balance using color, texture and form. I find it a more challenging and exciting way to express my inner feelings and thoughts than merely copying what I see.

However, all painting must begin with passion in order to connect with the viewer.


"Beach Morning"  Watermedia  34 x 36

"Beachscape"  Watermedia  34 x 36

"Beach Clouds"  Acrylic on canvas  36 x 36


"Indian Summer"  Watermedia  28 x 37 "Spanish Wall"  Watermedia  34 x 36

"""Late July"  Watermedia  35 x 33

"Congruency"  Mixed Media  28 x 34

""Sky Over Taos"  Watermedia  30 x 37

"Tableau"  Watermedia  17 x 20 

"Nebula"  Watermedia  21 x 22

"Harvest"  Watermedia  22 x 23

"Landmark"  Mixed Media  22 x 21

"Pathway"  Watermedia  21 x 22

"Red Accent"  Mixed Media  20 x 20

"Prophecy"  Watermedia  20 x 21

"Map" Mixed Media  21 x 22 "Vector"  Watermedia  16 x 18 "Overpass"  Mixed Media  18 x 18


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