Carol DeBolt Eikenbery AWS, NWS

Watercolors, Oils, Acrylics




Like many artists, I travel to find new inspirations for paintings as well as fresh outlooks for old subjects.  My husband and I have made several trips to Europe.  The experience was so pleasant and enriching that I wanted to express some of my feelings in paintings.  I try to convey the the environs and atmosphere of each region that I paint.  I have an extensive file of photos from our trips.  I do not try for a photo copy of snapshots, but take the liberty to heighten the intensity of color or even add colors of my own.  I may combine photographs to make a better composition.   These paintings  are done in an impressionistic style.   Perhaps when people view these paintings, they will experience a recognition of a place they have visited themselves, sparking a memory of that time.


"Manarola, Cinque Terre"  Watercolor  30 x 38 "Riomaggiore, Cinque Terre"  Watercolor  20 x 14 "Vernazza, Cinque Terre"  Watercolor  30 x 35

"San Gigmignano"  Watercolor  29 x 35

"Montepulciano"  Watercolor  29 x 35

"Amalfi"  Watercolor  28 x 35

"Villefranche"  Watercolor  28 x 38

"San Tropez"  Watercolor  29 x38 "Plaza Major, Madrid"  Watercolor  29 x 36

"Lavender"  Watercolor  18 x 22 "French Florist"  Watercolor  16 x 20 "Poppy Field"  Watercolor  28 x 38

"Street In Villefranch"  Watercolor  18 x 22 "Market in Eze"  Watercolor  18 x 22 "Yellow Shutters"  Watercolor  10 x 13



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