Carol DeBolt Eikenbery AWS, NWS

Watercolors, Oils, Acrylics

Landscapes & Seascapes



My impressionistic landscapes and seascapes are both real and imagined.  When painting the outdoor world it is important to capture the light.  In doing so, a mood will be set and an atmospheric quality will be created.  I especially like to do expressionistic skies using a large brush with sweeping movements and leaving marks.  I'm inspired by luminous clouds, mystical horizons and the perception of depth in surroundings, all of which can be exaggerated or simplified in the painting process to heighten the effect.


"Autumn Marsh"  Watermedia  30 x 37

"Salt Marsh"  Watermedia  20 x 22

"Lynnhaven Marsh"  Watermedia  30 x 37

"Sea Coast"  Watermedia  12 x 15 "Sea Edge"  Watermedia  29 x 23 "Inlet"  Watermedia  24 x 21

"Evening Light"  Watermedia  35 x 23 "Red Trees"  Watermedia  20 x 21 "Early Evening"  Watermedia  20 x 20

"Spring Impressions"  Watermedia  29 x 36 "October"  Watermedia  29 x 36 "April"  Watercolor  28 x 35

"Lowlands"  Watermedia 30 x 20

"Tidewater"  Watermedia  24 x 23

"Wetland"  Watermedia  24 x 23




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